Transit Mixer

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Transit Concrete Mixer

{rokbox title=|Transit Concrete Mixer| thumb=|images/transit-mixer-01s.jpg| size=|600 458|}images/transit-mixer-01.jpg{/rokbox}3 m3, 6 m3, 8 m3, 9 m3, 12 m3, 14 m3 concrete mixer trucks are developed and manufactured on the basis of absorbing the relevant advanced technology home and abroad. Primarily applicable to the concrete transportation and mixing, they can prolong transporting time and guarantee mixing and conveying quality, avoiding layer-by-layer and solidification during transporting in order to guarantee the building progress. The reducers were imported from American SAUER Company, German ZF Company, or from German Rexroth. The main components such as the mixing drum and double-screw blades adopt wearing steel-plate 16MnCu materials with the aid of the computer , frame and front-back bed adopt 16Mn steel plate. The movable discharging slot may by fixed at different location such as upper, bottom , left and right to realized discharging operation at various direction. The upper part of the whole truck adopts roasted progress with abreacting shape, steady and reliable slew, quick discharging, low residue rate, convenient operation, long life, etc. It is ideal essential advanced equipment for concrete plant or mixing station without pollution to the road.

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Technical Parameters of Transit Concrete Mixer

Mixing drum of
transit mixer
Mixing capacity 8 m³ 9 m³ 12 m³ 14 m³
Tank volume 13.8 m³ 14.3 m³ 17.9 m³ 24.2 m³
Angle 15° 12° 12° 11°
Charging speed ≥3 m³/min
Discharging speed ≥2 m³/min
Rolling speed 0-14r/min
Residual ratio
of discharging
Hydraulic system
of transit mixer
Pump USA Eton or Italy ARK
Motor USA Eton or Italy ARK
Reducer USA Eton or Italy ARK
Water system of
transit mixer
Supply Air pressure pneumatic
Water tank 450L(400L) 450L
Truck chassis of
transit mixer
Motor power 213 kW 247 kW 247 kW 273 kW
Driving 6×4 6×4 6×4 8×4
Weight/rated load 13345/11300 kg 13570/11420 kg 14530/10340 kg 17210/13660 kg
Wheel base (mm) 3600+1350 3625+1350 4025+1350 1800+3200+1350
Dimension (mm)
(L x W x H)
8550x2496x3800 8900x2496x3950 9550x2496x3950 10550x2496x3950


Main Features of Transit Concrete Mixer

1.The machine no need external drive, barycenter and structure of which is optimized design, it has an artistic appearance and can be operated stably.
2. The hydraulic components selected high quality products that produced by foreign enterprises, the mechanical parts has a rational structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance.
3. The mixer will turn continuously during its forwarding period, and will not appear cement mortar dispersing and sediment, to guarantee the cement mortar quality during the transporting period.

Pictures of Transit Concrete Mixer

concrete mixer truck picture

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